Passion of Survival

Well, for thoose who read my brief explanation, I said it's not a kind of some great social projects or some cool discoveries, you will be dissappointed. But wait, i can explain a little thing that you may want to know about. I'm, a student of a private collage in Yogyakarta, very interested in enterpreneurship, a job which has not only high risk but also high return, it has no limitation of income but sometimes will make you stress becuase of no-Rupiah received even loss. An enterpreneur is usually a big boss, man with a tidy tie, student who doesn't have any money to pay tuition, student who has huge passion of survival, un(successfull)employment, or someone like them. I will not shy to tell you that i'm one of them, a student who has great passion of survival, i have a laundry bussiness, just a little thing, but it can make me survive. There will be no more story to tell you about, unless you call me in. Best Regards.

submitted in One Young World 2012

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